The power that you have in life has been given to you by God, not to benefit your own ego, but to do good to others in the name of the Lord.

How I Became A Christian

I was born into a Christian family. We always went to church. Anytime the doors were open, we were there. I grew up knowing the Scriptures and having an awareness of God. I went through confirmation in my home church. I made my commitments to Jesus Christ during confirmation class.

As I became an older teen, I met people who asked me if I was saved or if I knew when my “spiritual birthday” was. Since I hadn't really experienced my faith journey in the same way that they had, I felt a little guilty, like my life with Christ wasn't enough. I remember praying, “Lord, if I need a spiritual birthday, let it be today.”


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Personal Info

One Pastor's Thoughts . . .

During high school and college I had several experiences that I could call “converting.” Whether a person comes to faith in Christ gradually or in a traumatic experience, I think it is important to continue to grow. We need to be converted on a regular basis . . . always open to listen . . . always trying to hear . . . never growing complacent.

I am thankful to my parents for the Christian training that they gave to me. I am thankful to God for the moments when he broke into my world and touched me.
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