1. Be Yourself . . . Authentic

~ Share your strengths and weakness
         - let them know if you hurt
~ Be normal and relevant
~ Avoid pretentiousness
~ Remember you are like them, not  different from them-pants on one leg at a time
~ What did Jesus do?

Eight Points of Positive Church Culture

One Pastor's Thoughts . . .

Leadership Thoughts

In this section . . .

Building a positive church culture
Where do we spend most of our time?


Steps To a Positive Church Culture

2. Keep Your Faith Alive

~ Find a quiet place and go there
~ Read devotionally, not just for teaching
~ Have someone that you are accountable to
~ Find a casual daily prayer life - work like everything depends on you . . . pray like everything depends on God

3. Share Power

~ Foster a team spirit
~ Apologize when you are wrong
~ Mentor others, help them be in ministry
~ Remember that it is about effective ministry, not about who is in charge

4. Have High Expectations

~ Membership is a privilege not a right
~ If you expect others to tithe, then you must
~ No one holds a leadership position unless highly committed
~ Don't be afraid to talk about bearing a cross
~ Everyone is called to ministry- no one comes to church to sit
~ You will not scare people away, quality people are drawn to excellence

5. Model Servant Hood

~ Ask those who are mad at you, “How can I do a better job?”
~ The Bishop can give me an appointment but only by Winning your trust do I become your pastor.
~ Give credit, take responsibility . . . Let others shine, leave my name out of it.

6. Believe In Your Future

~ Are our best days ahead of us or behind us
~ Are we here to save the denomination or save the lost?
~ Can we still make a difference in the world?
~ I don't know how to spell “give up.”
~ Rejoice in small victories

7. Model Joy

~ What a novel idea
~ The church lady [or man] never won anybody
~ It is great to be alive in God's world
~ Our church is the best church, our people are great
~ It is a great privilege that we all have to share God's love.

8.  Keep An Outward Focus

~ Hospitality must invade and pervade
~ Everyone is committed to the mission
~ Those who are not here matter as much if not more than those who are here
~ The building is Ellis Island, not a museum

The essence of faith is character, not wealth.

Results of a Positive Culture

Lives are touched
New people come to the church
Giving: “When the heart strings are warm the purse strings are loose” David Van Giesen
We fulfill our purpose as a church!


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