God Needs Leaders

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Leadership Thoughts

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You will still have children to raise, grass to mow, and oil to change.

As a leader, you will be expected to perform excellently at all times, while looking
past, and being gracious about, the faults of others. If you press to see the purpose fulfilled, you may be accused of picking on someone.

You will still have the challenges of married life, bills to pay, and your parents are
still going to die.

As a leader, you will have the chance to make a difference in the world . . . to care about people, and to manage resources in a way that effectiveness takes place.
When things are going well, you will share the joy of a job well done.
You will have the chance to help others succeed and to let them enjoy moments of glory.
Some days you will walk home with a smile on your face.

If there were no leaders, the geese would not know what direction to fly. If there were no leaders, our individual efforts would never join together and the whole rise to be greater than the sum of the parts. If there were no leaders, the staff would only have themselves to blame.

Harry Truman said it. “The buck stops here.” God needs people on earth that are not afraid to take responsibility. If you have been given the chance to be one of these people called leaders, then you can look forward to days of pain, days of hurt, and days of hard work. But, you can also look forward to seeing foundations laid, walls go up, and the finishing touches applied.

God needs the building to be finished, so God needs those who are willing to lead. If you are one, learn to look past the painful moments and give thanks for the opportunity to do good in the name of the Lord.

If you want to lead others, then do so.

If you choose to be a leader, someone will question your decisions.

They will comment on your style or lack thereof.

They will talk in quiet voices about how they would have handled such and such.

You will always be viewed with a bit of suspicion because you are or have some authority.


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