Thoughts on Leadership for My Children

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Leadership Thoughts

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A leader has an inherent sense of right and wrong, an intrinsic sense of the appropriate course to take.

A leader listens to others.

A leader solves problems. A leader does not place blame, but a leader always takes responsibility, even when they know it is someone else's fault.

A leader gives credit to others. A leader is stronger when those around him or her are uplifted. They are not the competition; we are all on the same team.

A leader knows that the only thing that we compete against is our own potential.

A leader sets the example. You cannot ask others to do that which you are unwilling to do yourself.

All leaders come and go. They have their time, they live their life and then they go the way of all humanity. Consequently a leader is humble. True leadership is a gift from God and it does not belong to the person who may be exercising it at the time.

Leaders know what to say and how to say it. They are not hateful or vindictive, they are gracious and kind. Their speech is positive and it attracts others to them.

A leader learns to deal with the pressure of leading. This is no small feat.

A leader identifies not only good ideas, but embraces the systems that under-gird them.

A leader sees the big picture and does not simply live for today, but prepares for the future.

A leader grows to be comfortable wearing the mantle of destiny.

A leader leaves the world a better place than he or she found it.

Anyone can lead when the sky is blue and the sun is shining. God needs people who can lead when the storms are on the horizon.

Anyone can lead when the sky is blue and the sun is shining. God needs people who can lead when the storms are on the horizon.

A leader considers all possible information and acts accordingly . . . sometimes quickly, sometimes patiently.

A leader sees the big picture, he or she knows when something seems big, but is really barely a blip on the radar screen.

A leader shapes the culture.

A leader surrounds himself or herself with those who will bring honor to the cause.

A leader does not compromise honor, integrity, or character.

A leader relates to the common man. A leader is not better than others, but he/she leads from the respect that is given from the rank and file.

A leader celebrates the success of others. Good leaders want everyone to win.

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