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It is a very sad day when I hear that someone is leaving our church. It is my desire for everyone to feel at home at Woods Chapel, make friends, and get connected. As a pastor, it grieves me when we lose people.

However, we must keep in mind that people leave churches for many reasons.

Some leave because they feel that they have been hurt by a member or staff person. Some people leave because they feel they need something different than what we are offering. Some leave declaring that they are not “being fed.” Some move to other states. Some didn't get to sing the solo in choir.

Many good folks just get busy with life and drop out. They get busy with kids activities and feel bad for missing.

Sometimes when people leave they need to say unhappy things. If you hear of any unhappiness, please direct them to me and not to other staff. Our staff works hard and I don't want them to hurt, but I welcome any comments, positive or otherwise.

Sometimes folks leave for reasons that I can do nothing about. Some years ago someone left because I talked too much about reaching out to other people. Well, that is what Christians are supposed to do, reach others. I can't sacrifice the message to save them, but I am still very sorry they left.

I want everyone to know that those who leave are always welcome to return. I want us to treat those who leave in such a way that the door is open for them to return. I want them to know that I am always available to visit with them about our church and what it is we are trying to accomplish at Woods Chapel.

I wish our membership vows were enough to keep people connected. It usually is, but not always. If you know of people who are leaning away from our church, please do everything you can to help them get re-engaged and see the good.


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