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At the time of this writing, the church employs about 24 people. Half of them full time and half of them are part time. Around 50-55% of the church budget goes for staffing, which is within the recommended range. The church also employs over 50 people in its We Care children's programs.

As in any business, there is going to be turnover. Since staff members build relationships with members, it can be very painful when they leave.

Some staff leaves because they move out of town. Others find other jobs that they like better. These moves are easier to deal with than when a change is performance related. Unfortunately in such cases, due to privacy laws, the Pastor and other staff are unable to discuss the personal issues regarding the departure of a particular person. Everyone wants to know, but we are not allowed to say anything about the specifics. I hope that everyone understands that. It is unprofessional and illegal to discuss the performance of a person with their friends, their spouse, or others at church.

What I can tell you is that we have an excellent professional HR process. All staff has job descriptions and receives annual reviews based on goal setting. There are personnel policies and an employee handbook. An orientation system is in place that helps new employees find their way at Woods Chapel. We have also been at this long enough that most of our supervisors have several years of experience in managing staff.

If you have any questions about the employment process at Woods Chapel Church, please feel free to call the office at 816-795-8848 and ask for Gina Kennedy. The Staff parish relations committee is a group of lay people appointed to work with the pastors and staff managers regarding employment issues. Members of the SPRC are available to talk with members at any time, and the names of those on the committee are available from the office.

Please remember to pray for your Pastors and staff. Pray for their direction, their personal connections to God, their commitment to their positions, and pray grace their way. It is always constructive to send grace in the direction of those we are praying for.

You're talking when you ought to be listening. - Bill Carter


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