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Those who say don't know, those who know, don't have to say. Anthony DeMello


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It's Hard To Say It All

Do you ever read the blog or listen to the sermon and not totally agree? It's going to happen, and it's ok.

Whether you have 20 minutes for a sermon, or 400 words for a blog, it is hard to say it all. There is no question that it is next to impossible to cover every angle of a topic in a short time. I pray that everyone understands that. For everything that I say, there are three things that are left unsaid. For every topic that I manage well, there are two other topics that rise to the top with questions.

Sometimes in highlighting one side of an issue, the other side seems neglected. We can talk about loving children so much that the topic of discipline is left out of the loop. We can talk about discipline so much that love seems to take a back seat.

It is hard to speak comprehensively to every topic in a short period of time. Sometimes I imply something that I did not really mean to imply.

What does that mean for all of us? Well, we just do the best that we can. That is true with whatever we choose to do, always do the best that we can. Understanding that what we will do is less than perfect, we still go out and get after it.

Pay your money, make your choice. Take your shot. Do your thing, live your life. Say sorry when you need to. But put your best game on the table.

It's all good. We all love each other. Yes, there is a bunch to add to what I said; yes there are many more details. Let's tell the stories, let's love one another. It's all good. It will all work out just fine in God's plan. I love you, you love me, and I hug you from afar.

We are all brothers and sisters in Christ.