Pastors Should Love People

Loving your enemies is no picnic.

One Pastor's Thoughts . . .

During some of my meetings with other pastors, I hear them talk about the “problem people” that attend their church. Some churches get black listed by pastors because the people are difficult. I am still looking to meet such people in our congregation. There have been a few over the years that have left the church and, although it was an emotional loss for me, there are times it is good for the church.


In this section . . .

When I was a kid, one of my pastors used to talk about the "sheep." He would always say that some of the sheep had manure in their wool. He was implying that there were some bad folks in his flock. That always bothered me.

I choose to see people the way that God sees them, I just want to love them all. Occasionally there is a person that can be a challenge, but I have found that if you hang on and keep at it, you can see the good and bring out the good in just about anyone.

So, when I hear someone who used to attend WCC and left, is thinking about coming back. My response . . . Hooray! Yippee! Praise God! Joy!

Not that this is the only good church in the world, but we love our people and we grieve when they choose to move on. Every sheep is valuable. Jesus left the 99 to find the one.

If you see someone back in church that hasn't been for a while, rejoice! Hug them. Bless them. Show them what the Christian faith is all about. Don't pick at the past. Dispense grace. Pastors should love the people and the people should love the people.

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