When values are present, no rules are needed.   When values are not present, no rules will help.
~ Jeff Patton 

One Pastor's Thoughts . . .

We pledge to give thanks for our blessings.
We choose to live each day to the fullest.
We choose to find value in every human being.
We choose to love one another.
We recognize that Knowing Jesus gives one a contagious faith.
We choose to live beyond the circumstances of today.

We are honest about our faults.
We aren't perfect, we are forgiven.
We commit to be honest with each other.
Christians don't become better than others, they just become better than they were.
We reject piety when it becomes pretentious.

We strive to fulfill our mission of connecting people to Jesus Christ.
We expect a high level of commitment from our staff.
We expect our members to take their vows of membership seriously.
Every Christian is expected to be in ministry.
We exist to spend ourselves in the cause of Christ.


In this section . . .

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