Financial Policies = Full Disclosure at Woods Chapel

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Woods Chapel United Methodist Church

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Inquiring minds want to know. There is a big buzz in the KC metro area right now over a particular church that is accused of some questionable business and accounting practices. I want to say a few words about the operation of your church, Woods Chapel United Methodist.

1. We have a policy of full disclosure. If you are a member or a constituent, you can ask anything that you want concerning the church's financials. All reports are available to you and our Business Administrator will answer any of your questions . . . Open doors, open books.

2. Our policies do not permit the supervision of relatives. The pastor's family is not allowed to work at the church. Other supervisory personnel cannot have someone from their family working in their department.

3. Staff does not handle money [except for the bookkeeping/admin staff.] If a circumstance does arise that requires the money to be given to a staff member, the cash will be counted in the presence of the individual who has presented the cash. The staff member and the individual presenting the cash sign a receipt for the cash. Any checks will be noted on the receipt. The cash, checks, and receipt are given to the bookkeeper for distribution.

4. The budget of the church is available for review by all members and constituents in December. The budget is approved at the first meeting of the Church Council/Dream Team each January. The Dream Team meeting is published in the church newsletter and the weekly bulletin. All members and constituents are encouraged to attend the meeting. The budget team reviews all the budget and cash flow issues monthly.

5. We work very hard to protect the tax-exempt status of your church. No outside businesses are allowed to use the church for their personal gain. CD's of the pastor's sermons are made available at no cost or at the cost of the materials. The pastor does not profit from the production or sale of any audio or video materials.

6. The church has employment policies and an employment handbook. There are many other policies that have been put in place to insure the integrity of operations. All of these are available to you to view at any time.

7. Our recordkeeping is impeccable. Our bank has worked with us over the years to insure that all of our financial transactions and reporting are in order. Per the United Methodist guidelines an audit of church financial records must be performed annually. Previous financial records are available upon request. Our business department works hard to insure that all gifts are recorded as intended. It is a United Methodist policy that funds are always used for the identified purpose. If you have any questions concerning the financials or application of money, please feel free to contact our Business Administrator.

Let me close by saying that you can have full trust in your church and its operations. You can come to worship and participate in ministries with full confidence in what is happening behind the scenes, and if you ever have any questions, just ask.

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